5 Interesting Uses for Love Dolls You Might Not Now

love dollThe importance of sexual satisfaction has been emphasized by many doctors to have a significant effect on a person’s well-being. In order for individuals without partners to satisfy the urges, there are love dolls that can be used as temporary replacement.
There are many types of dolls you can research on the internet. But you might be wondering what you can use such dolls for. Since most toys are very expensive and are fragile in nature, they might seem to have no other use than as a bed mate. However, this is where you are wrong. The following are just some of the things you can do with your love dolls.

Exercise Buddy
Familiar with exercises that make use of the weight of another person to make your workout intense? If you don’t have someone to exercise with, you can use love dolls for weight substitutes. You can hold onto them like real people and experience an almost similar weight.

Cuddle Pillow
Some people cannot sleep without holding onto something. Sleeping with a real live person can be inconvenient if you are a frequent hugger since live people toss and turn when sleeping. A doll will be stationary all night unless you move them yourself. They make a more convenient and comfortable cuddle buddy because they feel like real people without the disadvantage of involuntary movement.

Outfit Simulator
Not many agree to this, but the dolls can also be used for simulating your outfit. This is a use separate from the typical function of sex dolls, but it is very common especially among female owners. Since there are time when you really need to know how a certain mix of clothes look like from a bystander’s point of view, you can use the dolls as a temporary mannequin.

Practice Partner
If you are aiming to be the best partner in bed, you can use the dolls for certain girl-under positions. The most realistic ones can help you determine the best angle for entry and the right holding positions. Frequent use also leads to better stamina, increasing your capability as a partner.

Bedtime Partner
There is an old saying that states that toys work best for their intended use. Since these dolls are made to be primarily for sexual pleasure, they should be used accordingly. The most premium types are made to look and feel like actual people, making it a very suitable bed partner.

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